Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is with the sports jerseys?

So I have a question: what is it with men, and wearing sports jerseys?

Working on a sales floor predominantly filled with men, and there are many days when the majority of them can be found supporting their favorite teams by wearing jerseys. Now I get wearing a T-shirt with your team's name, or even a slogan, but what is with the wearing of the actual jersey with a players name and number? Do they think that by wearing the garb of their heroes that they too might channel their greatness and ability? Is it the slippery and quick drying nylon fabric they are made of? Is it the search for a feeling of belonging to something? What is it?!

In an attempt to get answers to these burning questions I called the oracle of boy knowledge: my brother. His first response to my very serious inquiry was: "You're stupid" but following further prodding he tried to put it into terms I would understand, he asked why girls wear boots - to which I replied: "Duh, because they are cute!" Apparently boys don't just wear jerseys for the heck of it, oh no, you wear it because it is cool and you only wear the jersey if you are watching or playing the game.

Whatever, I still don't' get it - but then again maybe this is one of those mysteries that is never meant to be solved.


Shem said...

What a great question. It is like you channeled my thoughts. :)

I still think part of them thinks that if they wear a great player's jersey, they too will be great. Your brother was just covering.

wendybird said...

I really think they believe themselves to be part of the team - same reason they yell at the television, call the ref's names, and slap each other high-fives when one of the actual players does something they approve of! Silly boys, jerseys are for the players.

the lunch lady said...

I just think they look gross. I don't know why, exactly. But, it's like admitting you're a wanna-be.

kninsa said...

Don't bash on the men, my friend; women are hardly exempt from ludicrous styles. I'd rather wear a shirt that says "Peyton Manning" than one that says "Hollister" or "Pink Girl" on the butt.

Elyse said...

Yes. I was there for that actual phone conversation. You were an angry elf.