Friday, October 17, 2008

I love sappy, crying movies!

I love Robert Redford. I just need to start this post by stating this very important fact. The other night I was watching one of my favorite Redford films: "Out of Africa", and as I was starting the movie my roommate walked in and mentioned that she had never see the film so I then insisted that she sit and enjoy it with me. As the credits began I asked her how she liked it and she turned tear drenched eyes to me and expressed her displeasure at my making her watch such a sad movie.

So, in the spirit of revenge, last night the same roommate made me watch "The Horse Whisperer" with her and another roommate of ours. Wow, I am a major cry baby - especially in movies - and this one just sent me over the edge! I have classified "The Horse Whisperer" as an 18 Kleenex film, (graded on the number of Kleenex's that valiantly gave their lives to staunch the flood of tears) and even though I had a rather unpleasant headache from the sobbing there is nothing like the sense of completion that I feel after such a sob fest. So all in all a wonderful night: sob fest, chocolate, drenched Kleenex pile and of course the most important part: Robert Redford!


the lunch lady said...

love it!!!

kninsa said...

Only woman would engage in a cryfest movie marathon as an "act of revenge." Just go rent Spy Game or Sneakers and get over it.

Shem said...

Poor Bob. Yes, he knows I call him that. He was such a beautiful man. Then came the sun. Now he is leatherface. But... his movies are all good.

Allyson said...

I know! So sad about his beautiful face. The voice is still great though!

And, Mr. Kninsa, I agree that there are other great Redford options that are less emotionally charged but sometimes a good "cryfest" is good for a person - you should try it sometime.

wendybird said...

Shem, take it from me, you might be surprised how good he actually still looks. . . he is 76 after all. :)
And, yay Bob! No one knows how to tell a beautiful story like he does!