Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trouble in retail paradise

Why is it that whenever a store is mobbed with crowds of hungry, tired, cranky, busy people there is only ever one check stand open? As I stood in such a line last night at the grocery store, I clung desperately to my last thread of patience. While the twenty of us, with loaded carts, waited most patiently in line at the one check stand I beheld the most maddening sight of all; four other lanes being dutifully cleaned by store employees. Now, while the keeping of a clean lane is something to admire one might assume that assisting customers might come first - but then again what do I know. AHHHH!

Sadly this experience has forced me to recognize that not all retail therapy qualifies as the good kind of therapy (ie. massages, pedicures, chocolate), sometimes it is more like those therapy sessions where a foam bat is required - live and learn I suppose.


Shem said...

Next time take the bat with you to the store. Knock a few "cleaners" around and see how long it takes someone to open a checkstand for you.

wendybird said...

ooo, yes. Hooray for foam bats. They should keep those handy in the '15 Items or Less' checkstands so you can whack the shoppers that seem to think the rules don't apply to them too.

the lunch lady said...

grocery stores should not count as retail.

like you said, the only therapy there involves foam bats.

kninsa said...

Doesn't sound so bad. Just think how much chocolate you could ingest while you're waiting in line? Sounds like a limitless resource to me.