Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"So I ask to God why I am here. I say, "Why God?" but there is no answer. So I stop crying. It takes eleven years!" - Sabrina

(To be sung to the tune of "Must be Santa")

When do we cease to sleep at night?

Finals cease to let us sleep at night.

When do we start to quake with fright?

Finals make us start to quake with fright?

No sleep at night, quake with fright...

Must be finals,

Must be finals,

Must be finals, finals time!

Tired...so tired. Finals season has come to town, and so I have undergone a sort of metamorphosis. My diet now mainly consists of fast food, Pop Tarts, and most importantly Diet Pepsi. Only nine more days to go...and it will be all over...which is exactly what I am afraid of.

Oh well, I should get back to work...um...ya...


Elyse said...

you forgot about the unusual amount of Krispy Kreme's our apartment has been consuming.

Shem said...

The good news! When you graduate, that is all gone. Unless you are crazy enough to go to grad school.

kninsa said...

Sounds like a well-rounded diet. What's the problem?

the lunch lady said...

ahh, finals.

good luck.

the one good thing about finals, they make you appreciate the time off for Christmas even more.