Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I want to go to Australia!

So I took some time this weekend, away from the studying and the baking, and did something just for me.

I went to the movies, and I saw Australia.

Crikey, it was Amazing!

I will be honest; one of my primary reasons for wanting to see this movie was that it required me to stare at beautiful Hugh Jackman for two and a half hours, but the movie itself was so great! And it goes without saying that Hugh was very pretty.

Now if you have not already seen it, you should know that the style is a little different, but don't throw in the towel and hate it ten minutes in - keep with it. You will be glad you did. The characters are colorful and rich, and the story is fabulously mulit-faceted with the perfect blend of comedy, drama, tragedy and triumph.

My advice: see it. Take tissues. I say TISSUES, plural. Even if you are not an Olympic crier like I am, you will need them.

See ya down under mate!


the lunch lady said...

in lieu of a trip to Australia, have a great time at home!

wendybird said...

Ooo, I'm so jealous! I need to see about ten different movies right now and this one is high on the list!

Shem said...

In a pinch, napkins from the snack bar will do just fine. :)

SaMash and RoddBot said...

Thanks for the heads up! Can't wait to see it! And let me know when you get on planning that trip to the down under... I'd love to tag along!! :)