Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Ok, who am I trying to kid - I could happily survive if Christmas is not white; which is why I am spending it green in California where it is currently 49 degrees and sunny!

Last night I went with my mother and some friends to see a showing of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" on a big screen at the beautiful California Theatre in downtown San Jose.

(The First Street lobby entrance of the California Theatre)

The movie showing before ours was "A Christmas Story", which I hate, but between movies a Wurlitzer organ is raised on a lift out of the orchestra pit and this amazing guy played a bunch of fun Christmas songs for us all to listen to between movies. When the movie started the lift is lowered and the floor slides forward to cover the hole - it was so cool!

When the movie started the lights go down, the curtain parts and they show these great old movies just like they were seen when they first came out - on the big screen! In all honesty I have seen White Christmas at least seventeen million times but it was so much different seeing it on a big screen! There are so many things that I never really noticed watching it on a smaller screen; like that Rosemary Clooney completely reapplies her makeup before going to bed, or that there is writing on the cake for General Waverly at the end of the movie, great stuff like that!

So, in honor of my eye opening experience I would like to recommend to you all some great old movies that you should watch if you are looking for something different to watch.

All about Eve

Philadelphia Story

An affair to remember

In the Good Old Summertime

Now Voyager

To Catch a Thief

Breakfast at Tiffany's


Operation Petticoat

Merry Christmas everyone, whatever color it is!


wendybird said...

What a bautiful theatre! (And how fun to go see a classic like that there!) How come Tyler has never taken me there when we've gone to San Jose? Have to get on that.
Enjoy the warmth while you can. :)

Shem said...

I went to see Gone With the Wind at an old theater in SLC about 15 years ago. LOVED IT! So much better on the big screen. And there was an intermission and everything.

the lunch lady said...

I like Roman Holiday too.

I am so insanely jealous!!!!!

The varsity theater just doesn't compare. :(

Elyse said...

my christmas=VERY white.

But that's okay, cause we all know I like it that way!

Being home for christmas is rockin'.

SaMash and RoddBot said...

Okay, I'll have to admit. You did fool me there for a second. I've been hanging with you all week and I just got a chance to read about your not so white Christmas. I just hope you had lots of WARM fuzzy thoughts about me while you were there?? :)