Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here's to simple pleasures!

So today my roommates and I took in the newest kiddie flick: Bolt.

Now while it was somewhat embarrassing to walk into a theater filled with children and their parental escorts - sans children, and not acting as a parental escort, we calmly took our seats and prepared to giggle our way through two hours of Disney genius.

Giggle we did.

More that giggle, we laughed...a lot!

Such a cute movie! And as I sat there, feeling my acute embarrassment and the pressing urge to assure the parents sitting around me that the children I brought to the "Kids" movie would be in shortly, I decided that sometimes it is good to do something simple and goofy just for the fun and simple enjoyment to be found.

Now, to make up for my carefree escape to the world of children, I guess I should do some grown up stuff, never mind - grown up stuff is not nearly as fun.


Lisa said...

Tyler an I went to a kiddie movie yesterday- we were the ONLY people there without kids- it ws great! So, Bolt is a must see, eh?

Allyson said...

It was really cute and the hamster was ADORABLE!

Shem said...

We are trying to convince the kids to go tonight for FHE.

Did you GET that? WE are trying to convince THEM!


kninsa said...

If Allyson liked it, then I'm in.

Allyson said...

Kninsa, that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me - thank you!

the lunch lady said...

Oh good!

I can't wait to go!

Just tell me, I have to know -- did you go to High School Musical and Beverly Hills Chihuahua too?


Allyson said...

Well Lunch Lady I will tell you, but first things first, I consider High School Musical to be an abomination. Way too plastic for me,, I did not see HSM. I didn't see the Chihuahua movie either - their buggy eyes and the way the shake all the time kinda freaks me out.