Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cars: a necessary evil

Being a single woman with very, very basic car knowledge and understanding I consider my vehicle a necessary evil. Now while the car is working and doing all the things it is supposed to do I am fine, but when things start to act funny, look funny or, my all time favorite, sound funny I am thrown into a state of pure panic.

So being that I have not the skills with which to diagnose and fix the various sicknesses that my car develops, I take my little car to the car hospital. The only problem is that there are all different kind of car doctors - so how am I supposed to know which doctor to take my car to?

The thing that is so frustrating about this entire situation is that when I take my car to one of these car specialists and then they ask me questions about what it is that is wrong with said car, I have little or no answer for them and then I am made to feel like a dolt. This, in my opinion, is wrong. I am not the car specialist so when they ask me what is wrong with the car and I say something like: "Well, it is making a funny noise like this (insert scary noise) when I do this." then they should take it for what it is and not make me feel like a dork for not being the car specialist.

AHHHHH! I hate car stuff!


Shem said...

As a female with more experience as a single person than anyone should really have, I can and would be happy to suggest a reputable and friendly car specialist.

wendybird said...

Wow, I haven't been here forever! What's wrong with me? (In my defense, you WERE quiet, cyberly-speaking, for awhile!) ;)
I totally agree with you on the rude car doctor thing! May I suggest the following: 1. Call Tyler and make various evil car noises to him first - he can usually help, or at last throw out some car-terms so you can pretend you might know what's wrong. OR option 2. Say (to the rude car doc) "If I KNEW what was wrong, I wouldn't need YOU! You, You, You wart-hog faced buffoon".
P.S. I told myself I need to be nicer, but it hasn't been working out so well. Please tell me your secret.