Monday, July 26, 2010

The trial period phenomenon

Have you ever noticed how many things in life require a settling or trial period? Haircuts, houses, new acquaintances, etc? There comes a point where you have to develop a vision of yourself with regard to these new variables and think: "Is this me?"

This blog background is one such element. My old background was cruelly snatched away without warning and I was left with no other option but to adopt another, and while that might seem an easy task it is in fact quite trying. Selecting a blog background is the same as choosing an outfit for a job interview. The package has to be attractive enough to encourage the opening of said package to see what is inside. That outside packaging has to be a representation of all you are so that when that first impression is made it is the best it can possibly be. Pretty heavy stuff I know.

So here is test blog background #1, I expect I will be trying on other backgrounds in the near future in keeping with my pursuit of self understanding through aesthetics so if you you have any such opinion you would be willing to share please do so, I appreciate outside opinions.

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