Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Endings

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence"

There are people in this world who read stories and watch movies with open endings and relish the opportunity, when it is done, to speculate what their new friends do beyond the last scene. They prefer to create their own endings rather than be told...I am not one of those people.

Perhaps it can be explained with my slightly OCD personality, but I crave nice, neat, explained and complete, and preferably happy endings. Stories that are finished off by trimming the loose threads and the tying on of a lovely bow to finish it all off. It is with these thoughts that I find myself wrapped in a comfy blanket, surrounded by damp and thoroughly abused mascara stained tissues, several empty cans of Diet Pepsi and a half empty bag of Snickers minis. I have just finished Stephenie Meyer's last installment in her Twilight series: Breaking Dawn (warning: if you are not a Twilight fan or if you have not yet finished reading it, you might want to stop here) and I must say that if it had to end, I am thrilled with the way the series ended - happy. The guy got the girl, good triumphed over evil, families were forever united and everyone got what they really needed to be happy.

Now even though the type of happy endings we find in our favorite books and movies are not as common in our world, it is my belief that we have to continue to look for our own happy endings. It's like the Dali Lama said: "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." So this is my long winded and slightly random conclusion; happiness is not easy and a lot of times it seems impossible but if we push through and do everything that we can we will be rewarded, maybe not in the way we expected or wanted, but rewarded just the same. I am willing to work for it, because oh how I love a happy ending!


wendy said...

Clearly, the Dali Lama has never found that perfect pair of shoes. . . ?

Allyson said...

Clearly, I am not sure that the Dali Lama could show the proper appreciation for a delicious pair of Jimmy Choo''s sad, really.

Brittany said...

Amen sister!! I loved that book!! I am not sure what kind of person could not like it. There are some out there. I would love to go out sometime with you guys and discuss. I am sure that it will still be consuming my thoughts for a while. Miss you guys!! Tell everyone hi from me. It is really weird not being there......