Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Education is like Veal.

On this day, December 16th 2009, I have at long last completed my college education.

It has taken me more years, gallons of Diet Pepsi, tears, tranquilizers and breakdowns than I care to count (or openly admit to), but it is finally over.

I was filled with a deserved sense of celebration, which I expressed by buying new boots...

(Aren't they beautiful?! It is okay to be jealous.)

...And as I walked out of my last class this morning and felt the icy wind of freedom swirl around my earlobes, I was overcome with a feeling of accomplishment and pride. This thing that I have worked toward for for so long is finally done.

The birdies flew, the sun shone, and for about 15 minutes all was well and happy.

Suddenly the happy feeling was gone; and in that moment of panic the universe came into razor sharp focus.

I have been turned out of the chute.

I have been driven down this chute that is the education system like a little veal for years, I could only see what they let me see, could only worry about things that pertained directly to getting down the chute. (Please forgive the cow metaphor, I was inspired by something my younger sister Phyllis said many years ago that helped make everything a little clearer) Well I have now reached the end of the chute and am being turned out into the wide pasture that is the world. The problem is: what do I do now?

So here is today's question: where do we go when we reach the place where the asphalt ends?


Shem said...

To bed. Hide under the covers until you aren't scared anymore. Should only take a decade or so.

kninsa said...

Down the chute, to the slaughterhouse. Welcome to the jungle, baby!

the lunch lady said...