Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another stop on the road to self discovery

This post may bother, worry, disgust, or horrify some readers. Adult supervision is advised.

When people ask what my favorite movie is, it kind of upsets me because I am completely unable to provide an answer. How could I possibly pick a favorite movie, I would no sooner be able to pick a favorite shoe in the Nordstrom shoe department.

Now this may be a round about way of saying it but if I had to, as in life or death decision/declare or get pushed into the volcano, pick a favorite movie of all time...I think it would have to be...

Ok, these two:

Funny Girl, and The Way We Were

So it isn't ONE favorite.

My blog, my rules.

Deal with it.

These movies have one major thing in common. Do you know what it is? I'll tell you:


(Warning: proceed with caution)

I love Barbara! I do. I really do! Now I know that there are many out there who are unable to appreciate the wonder that is Barbara. Who cannot fully appreciate her trademark nails and eye makeup, and the way her voice makes the world just a little bit brighter, but I don't care. I love her.

And today I made an amazing discovery: Barbara and I have the SAME BIRTHDAY! I always felt that Barbara and I were linked somehow, now I know why. Just one more reason to love her.

So what is your favorite movie? I am always interested in expanding my movie repertoire and I would love to know what other people love watching over and over again, until the DVD is exhausted and racked with seizures that make watching it any longer impossible.

Share on dear friends, share on.


Shem said...

Although my love of movies (and shoes) in no way compares to yours, I too cannot pick a favorite. In fact, I hate the term favorite. There is no one thing in the world SOOOOO much better than another as to be a FAVORITE. Let's just erase the word from our vocabulary. Except the part when you tell people I am your favorite boss EVER! :) Love your post.

the lunch lady said...

My daughter went through a phase where she had to watch Hello Dolly

For that reason alone, I had a special little place in my heart for Wall-e. Nuthin' like a young Michael Crawford.