Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Stalking: A 21st Century Pastime


My name is Allyson Kuykendall...and I stalk food blogs, written by people I don't even know, in my spare time.

(Unison: "Hi Allyson")

When faced with a spare minute or 60, one of my favorite things to do is to skip lightly from blog to blog in search for new recipes to feed my culinary obsession. It's so much fun to see what ideas other people have, what recipes they have tried, how they liked them-or didn't like them, which cookbooks they are reading, and what new cookware is available.

But do you know what really bugs me about these blogs that I love so very, very much?

I will tell you.

It drives me totally, completely, wholly, and all consumingly (don't worry, I know that I totally just made the word up) insane when people talk about something they made and neglect to share the recipe! It's just mean, that is what it is.

So here and now I vow, to anyone who cares at all, to always share my recipes with anyone who is in the least bit interested.

Whew! You know, Kyra Sedgwick is right! Confession is good for the soul.


Lisa said...

You need help!

Shem said...

I am ok if you just share the food. :)

Elyse said...


It's been a while since we did anything...

This makes me hurt inside.

'Do you know why people are afraid of being alone????'

aaron&marianne said...

my cousin does a food blog- nosh-
she has a link on my page- meikel and luke- happy stalking!