Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hide and go...WHAT?!

So I couldn't sleep, and as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep I remembered something that I wanted to post about. Well, no time like the present, this one is for you Ash.

Last week my parents, my sister Phyllis (her real name is Emily but we all call her's a long story) and my brother Eric were in town because they were here dropping Phyllis, our little BYU student, off at school. Along with my immediate family, and the other members of the family who are here full time, one of my uncles and his family were here so Grama decided that we would all have dinner together, all 28 of us. Whoa, family togetherness!

We had a lot of fun making dinner, finding places to sit and eat our dinner, mocking the people who made the dinner funky, and then cleaning up dinner. Afterward a bunch of the cousins went downstairs to play cards. Now here I must explain that our family on my mom's side is split up in an interesting way: my mom is the oldest of six children, three girls then a space and then three boys. So given that my mom and my aunts are a little older than my uncles they all got married and had kids long before my uncles got married and started families of their own. So the result is half of the cousins being in the 18-30 range and the other half being in the 3-15 range. FUN!

ANYWAY, we decided to play "Spoons" and my silly, silly brother in-law decided it would be fun for the first person to take a spoon to then throw the rest across the room and watch the resulting melee as the other players grappled for their own spoon. Well in a moment of hyperactive chaos I dubbed our new game "hide and go spoon". Well the minute it was out of my mouth I clapped my hand over my mouth and looked to see if anyone else had noticed. After a moment of stunned silence, the five of us over the age of 15 looked at each other and just died laughing. Me and my mouth! The five younger ones thought we had all gone totally mental but I will say this - I will never be able to think of playing "Spoons" the same way ever again!


Lisa said...

A Hofheins family gathering is never complete until a chaotic—okay violent—game of spoons has been played. And the game cannot end until someone is hurt, crying, or blood has bee drawn. Our family is best (and most dysfunctional) one in the world! I love it!

SaMash and RoddBot said...

Ha Ha!! I've been waiting for this post for so long and finally it has been revealed. For all of you reading this, just remember this post when "Hide and Go Spoon" becomes America's #1 Game in the years to come. That is, if Ally and I don't get to it first! (But in that case, still remember us and smile) :)

KaRynn said...

bahahahahahahahahah! I love you Allyson! That is awesome! The real name for the game is actually "Extreme Spoons." Except there's only one spoon in the middle and the rest are hidden somewhere in the house and you have to go find them. =D Throwing them might be a little bit hazardous!

Shem said...

Uh... don't give Kninsa any ideas!